Silver is heavy. Gold, even heavier. It's a delight to cup several jewelry parts in one's palm, feeling the weight of the pieces. Patina compound produces a sulfur-y smell when we mix up the bright yellow solution. Wax feels.....well, waxy. Some of our hammers are gleaming and hard and polished, others are leathery and old and curled at the corners.

Our jewelry is handmade. Our preferred materials are silver, gold, & diamonds, and we meticulously finish each piece at the jeweler's bench. We file, saw, string, oxidize, hammer, solder, wax, and burnish, and really pay attention to the details.

We like to be at the studio. It's a bright, sunny, high-ceilinged space where we love to listen to the radio, to complain about the heat (for it's always hot in there – even in the dead of winter), and to discuss in great detail our lunch options. Sometimes, when we're working on a sketching or stringing project, it's quiet. Other times, we have hammers clanking, the vents whirring, and the hand files swishing – all at the same time. Always, it's an inspiring place to be. Come by and see for yourself – we'd love to show you around!